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Completion: 2018

Contractor: Greymane


This project was designed and completed in conjunction with Commercial Interiors Group 


Award: The Bermudian Best Commercial Award 2019  

Brew is envisioned to be a small and inviting space that transitions from the morning coffee crowd through to early evening crowd with Dockyard Brewing draft and selection of wines on tap – “a first for Bermuda”. Brew by Java Jive offers a full complement of breakfast fare, paninis, salads, along with quick grab and go convenience.

The interior features reclaimed and salvaged fittings. Skip dressed reclaimed planks cover walls and the bar, bespoke pendants made of salvaged Bermuda Triangle Brewing company kegs combine with a few contemporary elements and the contrast created is pleasant and beautiful. The lower level was divided into two main areas, café seating with views of Front Street, through the central bar area with high top tables complete with USB ports and outlets. The upper lounge provides a quieter spot for individuals and friends to gather, LED TV’s offer news, sports, and general viewing. A live edge walnut table with Iron Horse base anchors the space.

Behind the scenes is a sophisticated system for the perfect service of wine and beer on tap. The engine of the cold storage, glycol chilled draft system is a state of the art nitrogen generator literally from the design minds of NASA scientists. Nitrogen being an inert gas is the best propellant for beer, and for wine means that no oxidation occurs; ensuring the last glass from the keg tastes identical to the first. It literally is rocket science.

From the bespoke keg lights to pipe fitting light sconces, the space evokes timeless ambiance, subway tile line walls in the service areas with a new twist, burnt orange coloured grout. Ceilings were removed to open the space with pewter pressed tiles installed. The décor is modest and the goal was to make it look warm and pleasant.

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