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This three bedroom family home had been unsympathetically added to in the past and we undertook to restructure and reorganise the room layouts to have a better relationship with the expansive garden areas and the pool.

We relocated the new open plan kitchen adjacent the existing swimming pool and provided a visual connection via the large sliding doors and a new kitchen porch and deck area.  This orients the kitchen as the focal hub for casual entertaining with easy connection to the outdoor dining and pool area.

The stair to the basement level media room was relocated to provide a better use of space and creates a ‘gallery’ environment for the formal dining room full of natural light.

The master bedroom was relocated from the basement level to the upper level with access to a new south facing verandah overlooking the orchard and garden.

As the driveway entrance was located on a dangerous hairpin bend we worked with the Department of Planning and Highways to alter the access to the property to provide a safer driveway arrangement with new hard and soft landscaping.

The house also has an apartment which was also renovated first to allow the owners to continue to live on the property while the work to the main house was carried out.

Project Details

Contractor: Gulfstream Construction Ltd
Completion Date: 2014