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Rockville Cottage

Tucked away in the heart of Pembroke stands a fine example of contemporary classic Bermudian architecture.  With sensible proportions at an appropriate scale, the cottage is a two bedroom, two bathroom home offering all of the essentials in a layout that represents thoughtful design and an efficient use of space.  

Simple construction methods were employed to keep costs down without compromising the design integrity and needs of the homeowner.  Key considerations for the retired couple were the modest budget and sensitivity towards graceful ageing in place features such  as a single story floor plan with roll-in-showers, flush thresholds throughout, and second bedroom which could easily convert to a room for live-in caregiver, when the time comes.  Positioned on the site to maximize passive solar techniques, a deep covered verandah at the entry provides reprieve from the late afternoon sun by shading the interior and exterior spaces as well as protection from inclement weather.  Austere, fluted columns support the roof to the outdoor space resulting in a contemporary version of a traditional element.  Other familiar features adorn the cottage such as eyebrows, stepped chimney, and whimsical rooftop balls to give a nod to Bermuda’s adored vernacular style.

Project Details

Contractor: Bermuda Built
Completion Date: 2016