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Victoria Place

Victoria Place is a mixed use office and retail complex featuring Class A offices, street and courtyard level shops, a bar and restaurant with outdoor seating and a health club with three international standard squash courts.

The projectconsists of a large ‘L’ shaped block along the east and north boundaries of 6 storeys, a smaller 3 storey building on the south west corner with a central sunken courtyard all set over a common basement.  The eastern block is also set back well in excess of the local planning regulations to provide a public plaza on the south boundary.  Both street level and the publicly accessible courtyard level are devoted to retail and restaurant uses with the upper levels for office use.

The mix of uses has been carefully arranged to complement each other with the restaurant, gym and other retail areas providing an active social environment at street level and which also support the office uses above.  This combined with the large amounts of semi-public space generates some relief to the streetscape and provides a locus of activity in the immediate area which helps to revitalise this part of North East Hamilton.

The scale and massing of the project has also been carefully considered to be sensitive to the surrounding street environment.  As the site was quite large for a city lot, each part of the building was designed in relation to its surrounding context rather than imposing a new architectural vocabulary on the area which would be too domineering.

The curtain walling which gives the building a strong presence at the corner of Victoria & Brunswick Streets gives way to punched windows further along Brunswick Street more in keeping with the scale of existing streetscape.

The increased setback for the public south plaza provides a setting for the public face of the building without being overpowering and opens up the main entrance podium and courtyard to a wider degree.  The white south building provides a focus of attention as a foreground object against the larger massing of the main building west floor plate behind.  The sunken courtyard and verandah on the south building allow for al fresco dining and people watching without being on the public street with the traffic fumes and smells.

The large windows and cantilevered balconies to the west floor plate help reduce the perception of the required large massing.  These also provide substantial sun-shading where it is most required on the south and west as well as opening up the view to the street and to Victoria Park for the tenants.

The building also maintains a masonry aesthetic keeping with Bermuda’s architectural heritage and which allows the introduction of a few selects residential elements such as push out shutters, window sills and eyebrows to further soften the commercial scale.

Victoria Place pioneered the US Green Building Council’s LEED program in Bermuda and was awarded a LEED silver rating.

Project Details

Contractor: D&J Construction Ltd
Completion Date: 2009