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Village Pantry


Architectural design concept:

The main objectives were to create better circulation for the customers and staff; to increase the numbers of seats in the restaurant; improve the bathroom facilities and to upgrade the kitchen and infrastructure.  A new covered porch was added to increase the amount of outdoor covered seating and an improved connection to the gazebo was  created with the addition of a new exterior door opening.  Two new bathrooms were added and level access was achieved through lowering the existing slab in the bathroom area.  The kitchen and bar were reconfigured and a service access connecting the prep kitchen to the gazebo was also created allowing staff to serve or clear tables without traveling through the indoor dining areas.


Restaurant and Interior design Concept:

Simple, clean, fresh and organic market driven menu with a focus on daily caught seafood and local produce.  The Village Pantry is inspired by the beauty of Flatt’s Village.  This hot spot is home to beach-chic decor with a European vibe.  In a creative reuse of reclaimed materials, lumber salvaged from the fire at 75 & 77 Front Street was used to build the signature main table-top. 

Project Details

Contractor: Gorham's Management & Design Ltd./North Point Contracting
Completion Date: December 2016