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Architectural Project Management utilizes the same critical analysis tools that we apply to the design of a project and also carry on throughout the duration of the client relationship if requested. This ensures the triad of expectations (quality, budget and time) is met.

The following are examples of project management duties that can be provided: 

- Identify the project requirements including scope, budget, timeframes, milestones  andquality standards.

- Act as lead consultant the other design disciplines such as engineers and interior designers.

- Identify milestones and deliverables for all consultants at each design stage.

- Identify risks to the project in terms of quality, time delay or additional costs.

- Enforce the quality of the work and the health & safety requirements of the construction site. 

There are certain elements of project management that do fall outside of the Architect’s remit. These would be items that the owner is responsible for such as owner supplied materials or specialist contractors employed directly by the owner. We can happily take on these obligations but would regard them as Additional Services: 

- Coordinate estimates and procurement of owner direct contractors.

- Coordinate estimates and procurement of owner supplied materials.

- Monthly progress reports during the construction phase.