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Unsure of how to get a project started or looking for ideas on how to develop a site? Let us provide a low cost analysis of your property or existing home to determine what can be achieved before making the commitment to a full scope of services.

We can provide a report customized to your project and needs, including any or all of the following services:

Client Meetings – Complimentary initial meeting to discuss options and review ideas.

Site Visit – Walk though of the property to review existing conditions and assess potential development ideas.

Planning Analysis – Desktop study to review zoning restrictions and requirements of the Planning Statement.

Project Program – Prepare a project scope of work to establish the ‘must have’ requirements and ‘like to have’ ideas.

Project Schedule – Produce a timeline of the estimated design and construction phases based on the Project Program.

Consultant Estimates – Determine if/which additional consultants are likely required for the project and provide estimated fees for their services for budgeting purposes.

Conceptual Plans/Layouts – provide diagrammatic sketch layouts based on the Planning Analysis and Project Program.

Preliminary Cost Estimate – Provide sq.ft. rate costs based on the Conceptual Plans for preliminary budgeting purposes.

Detailed Existing Survey – Prepare detailed survey drawings of the existing building conditions in advance of any detailed design.