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As architects, we are not looking for clients to have set thoughts on exactly what it is their project should look like or how to lay it out. That’s our job. Clients looking for a successful project should have a good sense of WHAT they want to achieve, not necessarily HOW to achieve it.

Being clear with your goals, organized with your thoughts and committed to making decisions will allow us to guide you towards a great design for your project. Sometimes this ends up achieving things you didn’t even think were possible!

The design process does take a bit of time. The best designs are usually follow a path more like a spiral zeroing in on a target rather than a 100 meter dash to the finish line. Of course we don’t like going around in circles any more than you do but the best designs and results come from a bit of reflection in order to refine and adjust course rather than charging straight ahead full tilt with the first idea that comes to mind.

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