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Villa Monticello

Completion: 2020

Contractor: F Lewis Maintenance 

Grade 1 Listed Residence 

The works took place in the southern wing of this Grade 1 listed residence, which housed the kitchen, breakfast area and other family space carved into small areas. Three small children’s bedrooms were also shoehorned into a small and unsympathetic 20th century extension to the west. The laundry was located in the basement down steep ship's stairs that was dangerous when carrying laundry baskets. A complete reworking of the family area was required.

Care had to be taken to ensure the historical aspects were not compromised. The west porch was in danger of collapse and had to be restored. There was also a full, unfinished basement area under the house where with minimal excavation the children’s bedrooms and play areas could be relocated.

The three cramped family areas were opened up into one open plan kitchen and family area with better access to the restored west porch and western courtyard. The 20th century extension originally housing the children’s bedrooms was reconfigured as a laundry / pantry and a home office. 


The small gable kitchen porch entry was reconstructed as the entry porch for the informal entry hall and lightwells were added for the children's bedrooms at the lower level. New stair access from the entry hall was added to the lower level children’s areas.

In terms of the improvements gained in the layout to the most used family areas we feel that this is one of our most successful projects. It has totally and positively transformed the way in which the clients occupy the house and has been done without compromising the Grade 1 historic fabric.

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